What makes our Biltong different?

Our biltong is made from venison and pasture reared beef.  

We have chosen pasture reared beef because we believe that the meat should not only be ethically farmed, but also that the animals should be well treated and respected. As there are no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones given to the cattle, grass fed-beef is the healthier and better-tasting option.

As we have begun with superior quality meat, it only follows that we would chose to use superior quality ingredients to make the biltong. That’s why we have chosen to blend our own spices – so we know exactly what is in the mix.

Most commercial biltong spices today have a range of preservatives, colourants and flavourants in them that many health conscious people would like to avoid.  One such preservative is Tertiary butylhydroquinone or TBHQ, which is used to ensure a longer shelf life of the product and that researchers have linked to numerous possible health problems, including issues related to ADHD. 

We prefer to avoid these ingredients and as such all our spices are non-irradiated and we do not add fillers, cereal, wheat, soy, preservatives, flavourants (including MSG) or gluten to our spice blends.